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About: Sarah Elizabeth. 23. i love: music, coffee, living in the mountains, film, making faces at passing cars, my glasses, archaeology, sleeping, and my amazing boyfriend Joel.

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i dont understand how i can get so much joy from covering my pets with blankets and watching the lump move around

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The worst part about liking classical music is when you forget the name of a piece and you can’t google the lyrics because there are none


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some people are afraid of dogs but i’m afraid of the opposite of dogs. the absence of dogs. dogless space

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Lana Del Rey - Once Upon A Dream Cover (full)

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“Though I may seem at times somewhat distant from you, through the gray mist of my own moods, I am never far; my thoughts always circle around you.” —Friedrich Nietzsche (via penseesduchoeur)

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Vintage Samsonite | Mid-century Travel - Via: 1 | 2

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